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We offer marketing for manufacturing and technology companies, helping you create digital experiences for your customers and unlock market opportunities.

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We specialize in developing customized marketing strategies that are specifically designed for your business, target audience, and current manufacturing industry trends. Alternatively, you can outsource your marketing activities to us, ensuring seamless and effective execution.


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We converge our understanding of the marketing function, industry trends and business growth.

About OutSmart

B2B Marketing and Digital Communications Consultancy

We are a unique combination of digital communications and marketing consultancy, offering integrated strategy and execution services. Based in Bengaluru India, we have over a decade experience serving global B2B customers, with focus on Manufacturing and Technology companies. We bring together our digital communication capability, industry insights and business acumen, in helping our customers achieve focused business outcomes.

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Marketing for Manufacturers

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Case studies

Our success stories

OUTSMART Developed a Corporate Website for a Switch Board Manufacturing Company
Services we provided: Marketing outsourcing for SMEs, Marketing technology, Website and digital marketing, Brand and design services
OUTSMART Developing Brand for chemical manufacturer
Services we provided: Marketing technology, Brand and design services
OUTSMART Developing Brand and Sales Assets for an Aerospace Client
Services we provided: Content management operations, Customer engagement in B2B, Dealer and Partner engagement, Internal communications
OUTSMART Developed a Corporate Website for an Aerospace Client
Services we provided: Website and digital marketing, Brand and design services
Content Creation to Web Design: OUTSMART Boosts HRTech Marketing
Services we provided: Marketing technology, Internal communications, Brand and design services
OUTSMART streamlining Global Content Operations for Industrial Technology Leader
Services we provided: Marketing strategy and consulting, Content management operations, Brand and design services, Personal branding for CXOs
Our services are best suited for

SME & Enterprise businesses in Manufacturing & Technology


INR 5 to 50 Cr sales


INR 50 to 500 Cr sales


INR 500 + Cr sales

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